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Caring For Your Product

Silk Road Boutique silk sleepwear and loungewear are made from 100% pure mulberry silk, which are natural and delicate fabrics with exquisite quality and variants in the texture. This gives each garment its distinctive and unique character.

To wash silk garments

Although silk fabrics are delicate, their fibres are very durable. Silk garments will last for a long time if they are well cared for. Follow the advice below to care and wash your silk garments.

How to machine wash

To ensure your gorgeous Silk Road Boutique garments retain their refined condition and excellent comfort, simply hand or machine wash inside out on a gentle cycle at 30C. Always wash dark colours separately. You may wish to put them in a wash bag or a pillow case to protect against the washing machine’s agitator.

Use specialised detergents in powder or liquid form that are best suitable for silk fabrics and follow the instructions on the pack. Please avoid using detergents that contain bleaching agents, enzymes or optical whiteners because they can damage the delicate texture, cause colour fading and become inconsistent.

How to hand wash

If you opt for hand washing, make sure the powder or liquid detergent is not poured directly on garments but completely dissolved in the water. Do a spot test on an unobtrusive area of the garment first and wash gently at 30C. Do not leave garments to soak. Rinse thoroughly.

Drying your silk garment

Do not wring silk garments. Do not drip dry or tumble dry. Gently squeeze out excess water or spin on a delicate setting. Dry flat and keep them away from the direct sunlight, as this can bleach colours.

Ironing your silk garment

Most silk garments are easy to care. If ironing is needed, gently press on the reverse side of garments with a soft cloth on top at a low temperature setting.

Do not press iron silk velvet garments as it will flatten the pile and may leave a lasting imprint. Instead, using a hand steamer to ensure the velvet fabric last longer and bloom fuller. For light creases simply hang the garment in a steamy bathroom.

To enjoy and store silk garments

Handle silk garments sensibly to avoid scratches and snags. Avoid direct contact with chemical products such like perfumes and deodorant.

Store cleaned silk garments in a dry and moth free environment. You may wish to use moth balls to prevent damage. Silk fabrics contain natural compound proteins. They can be spoiled by borers’ infestation if left in a humid and wet atmosphere as well as soiled by dirt or perspiration.