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Silk Road Boutique provides premium luxurious 100% mulberry silk in elegant sleepwear and loungewear.

Throughout the history silk fabrics are celebrated as one of the best types of textiles because of its breathable character and natural compound proteins, which are renowned for freshening and moisturising your delicate skin. Moreover they are naturally light-weighted, glowing and flowing gracefully. At Silk Road Boutique, we are devoted to providing only the best quality silk to fashion the lavish indulgence, supreme comfort and sophisticated sensuality of your life.

Our garments are exclusively exquisite and designed effortlessly with classic timeless aesthetics to encapsulate your desires. Every piece captures the essence of romance, glamour, sensual elegance and cosines. The superb collections include refined embroideries, subtle laces and charming patterns. Our dedicated workmanship and finest craftsmanship interpret the heart of our styles into sophisticated lifestyles for you to adore. When you treat yourself or your loved ones with gorgeous and unique pieces from Silk Road Boutique, you will be thrilled by the amazingly smooth, soft and lithe touch of the superior silk close to your skin. You will shine with the impressive flourishing silk textures; furthermore you will radiate with intimacy, happiness and confidence.

Silk Road Boutique invites you to experience the ultimate luxury sleepwear and loungewear. Indulge yourself with our pure mulberry silk satin and velvet garments, and explore our new collections, specially crafted for you.